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HSAJB Surgery as a Training Centre


Despite its bustling environment, Surgery HSAJB is committed to nurturing the next generation of surgeons, advancing surgical practices based on solid evidence, and continuously striving for excellence. With a team of exceptionally skilled and seasoned faculty members, a robust schedule of educational sessions, and a vibrant research ethos, HSAJB has earned a distinguished reputation as a premier surgical training program in the region.

Transforming Lives, One Surgeon at a Time


Basic Medical Degree

For students pursuing basic medical degree


BST, Master of Surgery


For medical officers considering surgery, Basic Surgical Training (BST), or Postgraduate Surgical Training in Master of Surgery


Trauma, Colorectal, HPB and Upper GI

For surgeons who planned to pursue subspecialty training

Aspiring young doctors?

At HSAJB, we consistently open our doors to undergraduate students pursuing their Basic Medical Degrees, providing them with valuable exposure to clinical surgical experiences. Our institution frequently hosts students from renowned institutions such as Monash University and Newcastle Medicine Malaysia (NUMed). Additionally, we have the privilege of welcoming aspiring medical professionals from various other medical schools, even those situated at a considerable distance from our location. Our commitment to offering this diverse learning environment ensures that young talents from various backgrounds have the opportunity to enrich their medical education through hands-on surgical training at HSAJB.

Thinking of Pursuing Surgery as a Career?

HSAJB stands as a beacon of excellence for aspiring surgical medical officers and surgical trainees, offering a nurturing environment that is conducive to their growth and success. Here, junior officers can embark in the BST, a pre-requisite for postgraduate surgical training. It is herein as well that one excels through postgraduate surgical training, evidenced by the excellent track records of past graduates who were trained here.



At HSAJB, knowledge and skill development are not just aspirations; they are our guiding principles. Our highly experienced faculty, with their wealth of expertise, are dedicated to imparting their wisdom to the next generation of surgeons.


Moreover, our award-winning research initiatives provide trainees with the opportunity to engage in groundbreaking projects, further expanding their horizons and contributing to the field's advancement. This hospital's commitment to a culture of support and encouragement ensures that each trainee can confidently pursue their surgical journey, knowing that they are part of a community that values their potential and is committed to their success.

Subspecialty as the way forward?

Our commitment to comprehensive surgical education extends to subspecialty training, where we offer specialized programs in Hepatopancreaticobiliary, Colorectal, Trauma, and Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery.


What sets us apart is not just the diversity of our training options but also our status as a high-volume center. At HSAJB, we handle a substantial caseload, exposing our trainees to a wide range of complex cases that provide invaluable hands-on experience in a high volume center. Our seasoned faculty members bring a wealth of practical knowledge to the table, and they are dedicated to mentoring the next generation of surgical leaders. 


This combination of high caseloads, seasoned mentors, and dedicated trainers positions HSAJB as the ideal destination for those seeking to elevate their surgical skills and knowledge in these specialized fields.

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